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Do You Know Your Credit Report?

A credit report is a detailed report of an individual’s credit history prepared by a credit bureau and used by credit lenders in determining a loan applicant’s creditworthiness.

Day to Day Operations

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Definition of Credit Information

Section 8(3) of the Credit Reporting Act 2010 defines Credit Information as follows:


(a) The Amount and nature of loans or advances or other credit facilities granted by a credit information provider to any consumer

(b)  The nature of the security taken from any consumer in respect of credit facilities (Including lease financing or hire purchase arrangements) granted to the consumer by a credit information provider

(c)  The nature of any guarantee or other non-fund based facility furnished to any consumer by the credit information provider

(d)  Information about any consumer’s financial means, creditworthiness or history of financial transactions, obtained by the credit information provider in relation to transactions involving the provider

(e)  Analysis of the information referred in paragraphs (a) to (d), including any conclusions as to creditworthiness, whether in the form of a system of numerical or alphabetical scores or otherwise

About Us

Credit Information Services Limited (CIS) was incorporated under the companies act of Jamaica in June 1964 as a credit reporting agency providing consumer credit information. CIS was duly licensed as a credit bureau in August 2014 under the Credit Reporting Act of Jamaica (2010).

Credit Information Services was conceived as an entity that would gather negative and positive data from merchants who would be invited to join the service using a membership agreement, facilitating the sharing of credit information among member clients. CIS began with eleven member companies (11) from the retail/hire purchase sector who were faced with a high percentage of bad debt losses that resulted in restrictions to credit policies, increased pricing of consumer products with some companies eventually being forced to close.

The expectation at the time was that the entity would:

  • Increase consumer access to credit
  • Support responsible lending and reduce credit loss
  • Reduce systemic credit risk

As the years progressed CIS welcomed new member clients from the financial services sector such as major commercial banks, credit unions, micro lending institutions among others.

Our business is primarily concerned with the gathering and reporting of all types of information that might affect an individual or company’s paying habits. We make this information available to credit providers for their confidential use in extending credit.

Located in downtown Kingston at 57 East Queen Street, CIS is committed to the current efforts underway to restore downtown Kingston as a prestigious business district.

Predictive Score®

Predictive Score® is intended to predict the behavior, from the standpoint of risk, over the next 12 or 24 months, of any person applying for credit. Predictive Score® has been developed based on precise mathematical and statistical models, including the most advanced and sophisticated logistical regression techniques.

Use the Predictive Score® to implement a credit evaluation policy that is fast, consistent, and objective, and allows you to precisely measure the credit risk of your prospects and clients, in order to establish the Cutoff Score that allows you to maximize your benefits and minimize the economic losses associated with your productive activity.

Implement the Risk Management System® [SAR®]

Implement the Risk Management System® [SAR®] in your business, to keep an automated daily, weekly, and monthly control of the variation in credit risk associated with your prospects and clients, in order for you:

1. To be immediately informed whenever there occurs a variation in risk so that you can take preventative and protection measures that you consider pertinent, quickly, and at your discretion.

2. To conveniently make strategic business decisions in order to increase your sales on credit.